Hospital 2.0 .

Alright…..Im getting crazy now.

I’m getting crazy to see a Hospital for the third time in few months time. My goodness. But I have to say that this time everything went so perfect. Hospital 2.0., CUF Hospital Torres Verdras is hypermodern, friendly stuff and a excellent English speaking doctor.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to learn Portuguese. And yes i love to stay here permantly because I love this country, but till then its hard to speak English with the locals. It suprise me all the time again how many people dont speak the language at all. Even in a public Hospital.

Anyway, This CUF Hospital is a PRIVATE hospital and I found out that I have the right to visit this one. So at the end all good :).  Nah…good?  I have a bacteriel darm infection. More words not needed I think…. It’s hell and so painfull. The doctor checked my blood and a infuus to give me more hydration. With a strong dieet hopefully better soon. Next checkup is sunday. But hey….I keep on smiling …as always. What else can I do?   🙂 .

My life so far.

Hello all,

Long time no blog! First one in English too 😀

I would not know where to start. There is so much happening and there are so many new impressions, but in summary it is the best decision ever that I made. Thank you dear sister for the link you sent last year. That was the beginning of a beautiful adventure!

Soon I will sit down and tell you all about here, now a short update. Have seen a hospital a few times. Had to endure my health well, but this dog will fight! Hahaha. Everything has to get used to Portugal, even my body apparently. But it doesn’t matter. I am a go-getter and hope to be able to work again on Thursday when I get green light from the doctor tomorrow.

For now it’s delicious cooking right now, Indian curry. vitamin D and not getting enough of the sound of the waves. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place. People regularly ask me if I’m homsick. The answer is NO! Sorry for that people…. :)).

More stories to come soon, so much is happening here. Broke up with someone in the Netherlands permantly, because it was only hurting so much for so long.

I picked up my life again, hard working five days a week, long distance from home to work and back again, and then also falling in love. It was defently not my plan to fall in love…but this guy makes me feel I’m flying. It’s a bit much all right now, but I’m not complaining. I got jokes that I had to come home with a Portuguese, but sorry friends …. he is blond and from Germany.

Let’s see how all things works out between us.  If we walk up to that hill, let it be glorious is my answer to him :).

Now I have to run to the kitchen, finish the curry with red pepper, lime juice and coriander. See you later!! Greetings from sunny Portugal.